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TRS 9 Update Log

Version 9.10

Bug Fix in 9.10

  • Fixed an issue where refunds to debit cards were stored incorrectly to the database, and, therefore, were not reflected in the Cash Accountability Report.

Version 9.09

Bug Fix in 9.09

  • Fixed a bug (introduced in 9.08) that prevents the database from opening after TRS has been restarted a certain number of times.

Version 9.08

New Features in 9.08

  • Added Debit Card Integration with PCCharge.
    Click here for requirements
  • Added the option to set a path for product photos (in Edit>Preferences).
  • Added an option to the Sales By Salesperson report (in POS>Reports) to only include serialized items.
  • Added the ability to export raw POS Sales data to a CSV file.
  • Added the ability to enter a fractional quantity when the Repairs screen prompts for the quantity when scanning a repair part.
  • You can now double-click on a transaction on the Accounts/Layaways screen and if the transaction is linked to a POS sale, it will display that sale in Review POS.

Bug Fixes in 9.08

  • Corrected tiered tax calculations on trade-ins.
  • Fixed a bug that caused TRS to crash if a repair part description was over 100 characters.
  • Fixed the "invalid floating point error" that occurred when entering the Gift Card Manager if there was a huge dollar amount for a transaction.
  • Fixed the "invalid floating point error" that occurred when selling a gift card if there was a huge dollar amount for the transaction.
  • Corrected spelling: Changed "Mulit" to "Multi" on the Edit Security Levels screen.
  • Corrected spelling: Changed "Qyt" to "Qty" in the Sources grid on the POS Products screen.
  • Now you cannot edit a POS line item if it is a gift card transaction or an account transaction (which would making it differ from the actual transaction).
  • Fixed gift card balances so they will not include transactions for voided/cancelled sales.
  • Corrected an error that occurred when doing a Quick Search on some of the screens and unchecking the checkboxes.
  • Fixed the "Floating Point Division By Zero" error that occurred when selecting Reports>List Found Set from Review POS and choosing to include profit, if the sale had a 100% discount or included items with zero price.

Version 9.07

New Features in 9.07

  • Added new PCCharge processor options (Heartland Payment Systems and National Bankcard Services).
  • Moved the "Change Date" button to above the "Date" field on the Review POS screen.
  • Made the text smaller on repair invoices so it is less likely to print on two pages.
  • Removed the "Add To POS?" prompt when saving a repair or making it complete.
  • Now when you select a “Make” on the Serialized Inventory screen, it will display all Models (and serial numbers) for that Make without having to first select a Model.
  • Added a date/time printed stamp to all HTML reports.
  • Added a "Find By Name" search to the Vendor List Editor screen.
  • Inventory transfers between stores are now logged in TRS and can be viewed in File>View Logs.
  • Added the option (in POS>Options>Inventory) to require costs (zero will not be allowed) when receiving inventory. This includes checking in/receiving items on the Orders tab, adjusting inventory in POS Products and receiving items in "Enter Reordered Products". (This option is turned on by default.)
  • Added a new report: POS>Reports>Tender by Day Added.
  • Added a new label size: 2.25" x .5 ", with the option to print 2-across.
  • An additional option (include profit column) now displays when you “List a Found Set” after creating a Sale Transaction List on the Review POS tab.
    Note:  to create this found set, perform a search on the Review POS tab.

Bug Fixes in 9.07

  • Pressing Enter no longer closes the Model List Editor screen.
  • When a customer is added after not being found using E-Z Customer Search on the POS screen, and you are returned to the POS ticket, it will now be focused on the "Next Item" field.
  • Performing a Quick Search on the Review POS tab for non-overring sales no longer gives an ISC error message.
  • Fixed the order total so it now refreshes automatically when an item is deleted from an order.
  • Fixed the customer accumulations so they now auto-refresh after a reward is redeemed.
  • The very tall message box no longer displays when rewards are earned.
  • Fixed a problem where a bogus cost was entered when selling a Gift Certificate if there is an item with a blank barcode in POS Products.

Version 9.06

New Features in 9.06

  • Added “Jump To Class #” button to Classes screen.
  • Removed the “This account now has a ZERO BALANCE.  Would you like to delete it?” prompt when paying off a store charge or using the last of a store credit.
  • Customer history now automatically refreshes after a POS Sale is completed.
  • Improved the display of the customer accumulations to limit the amounts to 2 decimal places.
  • In Import Vendor Products, changed the default option (and recommendation) for “How to handle items that are NOT YET in your POS Products database?” from “Add Them” to “Do Not Add Them”.
  • Improved the New Product screen so that when selecting a vendor, you can now start typing several characters of the vendor name to “zero in” on the desired vendor.
  • The “Messages” grid on the Edit POS Products screen is now automatically refreshed after adding a new message.
  • Added the ability to require a vendor, part#, and cost be entered on the New Product screen before you can save, unless overridden with a security code.
  • Added the option to require a department be entered/selected on the New Product screen before you can save, unless overridden with a security code. (This option is turned on by default.)
  • Added the option to require the department on the New Product screen be selected from the dropdown.  This removes the ability to enter a department number without having set it up first. (This option is turned on by default.)
  • Added the option to require new products be entered only on the New Product screen.  This removes the “+” sign from the toolbar on the Edit POS Products screen. (This option is turned on by default.)
  • Allow Fractional Qty Per Part# (buy items individually, sell in package) for inventory items.
  • To give store managers more control over when accounts are deleted, added an option to the Maintenance menu to delete zero-balance accounts older than a certain date.  (This replaces the prompt after a  transaction that zero’s out the account.)
  • Added security to multi-store functions.
  • Added the option to use the JMM Emailer (which supports authentication) when sending an electronic order instead of using the built-in order emailing function. (Requires version 1.06 of JMM Emailer.)
  • Improved JMM Emailer to integrate electronic order submission from TRS.
  • Added an option to have the emailer disconnect from the mail server after a certain amount of emails (specified in Settings>Preferences) and reconnect, to work around some mail servers' limit as to the number of emails that can be sent per connection.
  • Added repair number to POS line item description.
  • The cash drawer now opens when using Money In/Money out functions.
  • Added warnings if you try to suspend or cancel a sale if money has been tendered.
  • When you scan a customer loyalty keytag and the customer has a suspended sale, it prompts you whether to restore it or start a new sale.
  • Added a warning if an account transaction is added to the wrong customer’s POS sale.
  • TRS verifies the values in the POS>Options>Customer Rewards tab so you cannot set invalid options (such as having a reward goal enabled without setting the goal amount).
  • Added the ability to prevent account balances from bring printed on receipts.
  • Increased the PCCharge communication time from 60 seconds to 70 seconds.
  • Removed the keyboard shortcut from the “Bill At Cost” checkbox on the POS screen to prevent accidental unintentional use.
  • Added a warning to the Export Accounting Data->QuickBooks Setup function that this type of export is obsolete, and recommended using the JMM QuickBooks conduit instead.
  • Improved formatting of Inventory Summary Report to limit numbers to 3 decimal places.
  • Improved the speed when running the Inventory Summary Report when show Paid Value is selected.
  • Added Warranty, Cost, and Warranty End Date to the serialized sale complex search on the Sales tab.
  • Added ability to have 3-tiered sales tax on big ticket items (for Tennessee).
  • Added password protection to view costs for Serialized Inventory and Review POS.

Bug Fixes in 9.06

  • The PCCharge timeout message box will now always be on top of any other windows and can’t become hidden.
  • Fixed some logic that was preventing linked special order items from contributing to the grand total for the master order.
  • Added “In House” back as an option for vendor in kit creation.
  • Fixed a problem where mass editing a product’s inventory level didn’t update FIFO costs.  "0" is now the only acceptable number for Current Inventory when mass editing inventory products.
  • Fixed an error message that occurred when adding a new serial number into serialized inventory if the model had an apostrophe in it.
  • Fixed an issue where opening a suspended sale on multiple registers could result in duplicate suspended sales.
  • Fixed a “duplicate” error message when entering the same type of record (customer, repair, class, etc.) at the same time on multiple computers that occurred when saving the second record.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented class unenrollments from going into the logs.
  • Fixed an issue where doing a custom inventory report from the Edit POS Products screen didn’t obey the “Sort By” selections if there were no other search conditions.
  • Removed the prompt to update sales history when changing a product’s barcode if the original barcode was “0”.
  • Made it possible to transfer a fractional quantity of a product to another store (using Transfer button on Edit POS Products screen).
  • Fixed an error message when transferring inventory to another store if the description had an apostrophe in it.
  • Fixed an issue where transferring inventory to another store caused the destination store’s FIFO Costs record for that product to have the vendor always set to “Unknown”.
  • Corrected an issue that prevented using a gift card for a purchase over $1,000.
  • Fixed a display issue in the Gift Card Manager that caused it to show too many decimal places in the Balance column for some cards.
  • Fixed a minor memory leak in the Profit By Department report function.
  • Fixed an error that occurred if you entered quotation marks on any of the Quick Search screens.
  • Corrected an issue that caused certain special items with “0” in the Barcode column of the POS screen to pull over an incorrect cost value if you had an inventory item with a barcode of “0”.
  • Corrected the “Master Order” display on the special order screen so that it shows the actual order number instead of an incomprehensible string of characters.
  • Fixed an issue where overringing a sale for another store would put the inventory back into the current "Data Entry Store" instead of the store where the sale originated.

Version 9.05

New Features in 9.05

  • Added a total to the bottom of the printed serialized inventory list.
  • Improved currency formatting on the printed serialized inventory list (added dollar signs and forced 2 decimal places).
  • When starting a repair for a tax exempt customer, TRS automatically adjusts the repair tax rates for the taxes for which they are exempt.
  • Added option to print store name and address at the top of all reports (set this in Edit->Preferences).
  • Added option to print store number at the top of all reports (set this in Edit->Preferences).

Bug Fixes in 9.05

  • Alphabetized clerk list on class enrollment form.
  • Fixed issue where if you tried to delete a customer with account transactions, then clicked OK on the warning message, it deleted the customer anyway.
  • Added support for store numbers 26-40.
  • Modified the customer screen to automatically refresh before editing a customer, so that you're editing the most current copy.
  • Modified Edit Lists->Department Names to prevent you from accidentally entering the same department number or name more than once (unless it was already there prior to this release).
  • Added an "Are you sure?" prompt when you click on the delete icon (minus sign) on the clerk editor screen.
  • Fixed the Import Vendor Products function so that it no longer overwrites the "Qty Per Part #" field if it is blank in the source database.
  • Corrected the repair screen "Email Completion Notice" function so that it does not cause an error in the emailer if the estimates are blank.
  • Fixed an error message that occurred when trying to use the POS->Reports->Purchase Order function.
  • Fixed the Maintenance->Undelete>Entire Class function.
  • Corrected an issue where certain clerk passwords did not work.
  • Corrected improper rounding on order totals (on screen and printed PO) if unit costs have more than 2 decimal places.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented the vendor and department from being filled in automatically in the New Product screen when using the "Copy To New Item" or "Add/Edit In POS Products" buttons.
  • Fixed the "Invalid Column Reference" error message in the Biggest Spenders report.
  • Corrected a problem where if you did a search under Accounts/Layaways, then entered a payment, it may incorrectly tell you that the account now has a zero balance and prompt you to delete it.
  • Fixed an error message that would occur if you scanned a customer keytag with Caps Lock on.  You can now assign or use a keytag with Caps Lock either on or off.
  • Fixed Special Searches->Customers->By Amount Spent so it no longer gives an "Invalid Column" error.
  • Fixed an issue where costs would not always come over correctly to Sales screen for stores other than Store 1.
  • When linking special orders, the list of checkboxes showed customer's storeid before the dash instead of special order's storeid.
  • Fixed an issue in the "Transfer" (to another store) button on the POS Products screen where if the product didn't exist, and it added it, only some of the fields came over.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the same salesclerk to be listed multiple times and every store's clerks to show up in the list, and if you deleted one of them, it would remove all copies of the clerk.
  • Fixed an issue where costs would not always come over correctly to Sales screen for stores other than Store 1.
  • Fixed an issue where merging customers would lose data if you're also using the replicator (Note: this fix also requires updated replicator).
  • For Multi-Stores added ability to link special orders from other stores.
  • For Multi-Stores added ability to apply layaways and accounts from other stores.

Version 9.04

New Features in 9.04

  • Added a function to search for and merge duplicate customer records (Maintenance->Duplicate Customer Find/Merge).
  • Added the ability to mask the credit card number on the merchant's copy of the credit card receipt (POS->Options/Printing).
  • Improved Key To The Web import: Added a summary at the end that displays how many sales it imported and the number of products whose barcodes were not in TRS.
  • Added some field options when running the Inventory Summary Report. Selecting fewer fields will drastically speed up the report generation.
  • Enabled the multi-store menu if Multi-Store is selected in Edit->Preferences.
  • Added improved support for alternate currency symbols if selected in the Windows regional settings.
  • Added a warning when selecting E-Z Customer Search or Scan Cust # if there is already an active (not completed) POS sale on the screen that is tied to a customer.
  • Added a button to the Accounts/Layaways screen that allows you to edit the notes of a transaction.
  • Added a progress bar to the following functions: Email List for Found Set, Send Bulk Email to Found Set, Mail Labels for Found Set, Export Mail Labels for Found Set, Phone List for Found Set.
  • Improved many of the Edit Lists screens so that you can sort any column by clicking on the column header.
  • On the New Product screen, when selecting Reorder Source and Department Name, you can type the first letter of the entry and it will jump to that letter in the list.
  • Added Tax2 Exempt and Tax3 Exempt to the Customer screen.  Now, you can make customers tax-exempt for the 3 taxes individually.  Added a setting to POS->Options/Taxes to allow you to set it so if the original Tax Exempt is checked (in customer tab), the customer is exempt for all 3 taxes.  (Note: This is turned on by default, so to select Tax Exempt separately for the 3 taxes, turn this option off.)
  • Clicking the Refresh arrow on any of the screens with detail grids or history grids causes the grids to be refreshed, rather than having to scroll to a different record and then come back to it.
  • Added an interface to DAZzle shipping software (used by Endicia Internet Postage).  To send a customer address to DAZzle, press Ctrl-Alt-E on the keyboard. DAZzle must be installed in the following directory: C:\Program Files\Envelope Manager\DAZzle\  - Currently only tested on DAZzle version 6.0.10.

Bug Fixes in 9.04

  • Fixed an error message that occurred when importing sales from Key To The Web.
  • Fixed an issue on the customer tab that caused the card assignment to be lost when assigning a loyalty card/keytag and then immediately making edits to the customer.
  • Fixed an issue on the custom inventory report that caused the description field to print twice if selected and also caused some products to be left off the report if they didn't have matching Vendor Products records.
  • Fixed an error in Serialized Inventory that occurred if a model name was greater than 25 characters.
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes caused the program to freeze when doing a POS layaway pickup and applying payments already made.
  • Fixed a bug that would sometimes cause the error message "At end of dataset" when doing a Stock Turnover Report.
  • Made an adjustment to the PCCharge interface to satisfy a particular processor that was returning a "Not Captured" error message on an otherwise valid transaction.

Version 9.03

New Features in 9.03

  • Added a new option for the inventory report from the POS Products screen. Now, you can select which fields you want to see on the report. These choices include the vendor fields as well, such as part number, cost, etc.
  • Added a new button to the serialized sales screen to take a return on a machine. It automatically adds the machine to the POS ticket with a quantity of -1, and give the option of deleting the serialized sale record and returning the machine to serialized inventory.
  • Added the ability to run the Profit By Department report for a single POS Category.
  • Added a "Mass Delete" button to the POS Products screen. Deletes all products in the current found set. Also gives you the option to delete the associated Vendor Products records at the same time.
  • Hid the unit cost field on the Review POS screen. Added a password-protected button to show the costs.
  • Modified the "Merge Two Customers" function so that it merges the accumulations as well. The remaining customer gets the sum of the two customers' accumulations.
  • Enhanced the Overring Sale and Restore Sale features so that they update the customer's accumulations appropriately.
  • Removed the unnecessary "There is no current POS ticket. Would you like to start one for this customer?" prompt from several places in the program.
  • Enhanced the Cash Accountability Report header so that if you run it for a single POS Category, it prints the name of that category on the report.

Bug Fixes in 9.03

  • Modified the "Biggest Spenders" report so that it does not count overrung sales.
  • Fixed "Field CUSTKEY not found" error that occurred in the Import Sales From TRS Export function.
  • Removed the "Cannot Edit Current Row" error message that occurred in the Edit Specials screen if you tried to delete or edit a special. Also fixed another error when trying to jump to a particular product.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the customer's name and address to be left off a repair invoice.
  • Put the department names in alphabetical order in several places in the software where they were coming up in a random order.
  • Removed an error that occurred when closing the POS Options screen if certain fields had an apostrophe in them.
  • Removed an error message that occurred in Serialized Inventory if you selected a make from the dropdown list that had an apostrophe in it.
  • Made the makes dropdown list in Serialized Inventory obey the LISTORDER setting.
  • Removed a long delay that occurred (especially over a network) when clicking the "Go to this customer" button on the Leads screen.
  • (AUSTRALIA ONLY) Corrected an error message about the date format that occurred in certain cases when adding account/layby transactions.
Version 9.02

New Features in 9.02

  • Added the ability to automatically delete special orders that have been picked up (Maintenance->Delete Picked-Up Special Orders)
  • Added the Salesclerk to POS Invoice (when printing or reprinting as invoice)
  • Added a button to POS->Options, Hardware tab, to send special one-time commands to a printer.
  • Modified barcode label printing so that it always sends the label width formatting command to the label printer before printing labels, in case the printer is not already set to the correct width.
  • Added some additional text to the bottom of certain database connection error messages to give a little more helpful information to help the user correct the problem.
  • Enhanced the repair "Add To POS" function so that it carries the parts cost over to the POS transaction.
  • Added a "Jump To Account #" button to the Accounts/Layaways screen.
  • Changed the "Next Barcode" function on the Orders screen so that when it asks for the quantity to order, it defaults to 1 instead of blank (zero).
  • Modified the Special Searches->Special Orders Not Picked Up function so that it excludes special orders that have not been ordered.
  • Modified the "Auto Order" function so that it does NOT give the user the option to add the new items to the current order if the current order is a special order.
  • Changed the tabbing order on the repairs screen so that it does not stop on the first name and last name fields, since those are not editable fields.
  • Changed the printing format of 12-digit numeric-only barcodes from UPC-A to Code 128 to eliminate the automatic changing of the last digit (this only occurred when printing a 12-digit barcode that was all numeric, and answering "No" to "Print price and description".

Bug Fixes in 9.02

  • Fixed bug introduced in 9.01 where once you sorted the list of students in a class (or waiting list), you could no longer edit an enrollment or use the "Move To Enrolled" function.
  • Put the list of class sections (on the Classes tab) back in numerical order (as of 9.00, they were appearing in a random order)
  • Corrected an error message that occurred ("column unknown: vendorproductskey") when importing vendor products and choosing to update existing records.
  • Fixed a problem where using the "Change Cost for Selected Item" button on the Review POS screen would change the cost on ALL items in the sale, rather than just the selected item.

Version 9.01

New Features in 9.01

  • Added the ability to click column headings to sort in many of the "Edit Lists" functions.
  • Added the ability to click column headings to sort enrollment and waiting lists on the Sections screen.
  • Added the option to be able to select Gift Card or Gift Certificate when clicking the "Use Gift Card" or "Use Gift Certificate" button. (Useful for the transition period when switching to gift cards and you still need to accept older gift certificates for a period of time.)
  • Modified the "convert Previous Version Data" program to give more detailed error messages when it can't open the source or target database.

Fixes in 9.01

  • Fixed "POSSALES must have a value" error that occurred when using the Money In / Money Out functions.
  • Made the "Go to this customer" button on the Point Of Sale tab work.
  • Fixed error message that occurred when using "Add/Edit in POS Products" button on the Edit Vendor Products screen.
  • Fixed error message that came up when attempting to copy a class waiting list to another section.
  • Corrected "PRODUCTSKEY not found" error message that occurred when scanning an item when "Bill At Cost" was checked on the POS screen.

Version 9.00

Initial Release

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