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JMM has teamed with OpenEdge to offer you an integrated solution that provides one resource for everything your business needs to process credit card payments.

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Bernina University
July 9-12, 2015
Scottsdale, AZ

Janome Institute
August 19-22, 2015
San Antonio, TX

Baby Lock Tech
Aug 30-Sept 1, 2015
St. Luis, MO

October 5-8, 2015
Las Vegas, NV

Quilt Market
October 24-26, 2015
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January 28-30, 2016
Las Vegas, NV




TRS10 Update Log

Version 10.11

Fixes in 10.11

  • Fixed an issue with debit cards under SIM where it put the Cash Back amount in Tax instead of the Cash Back field.

Version 10.10

Fixes in 10.10

  • Fixed error message that occurred if you imported a sale from TRS export that had a line item qty of 0.
  • Fixed a problem when importing sales from TRS export that prevented it from updating inventory for overrung sales.

Version 10.09

New Features in 10.09

  • Added an option to select how many labels to print at a time on label printer.
  • Added TM-T88V as a receipt printer type, and made it print the logo correctly for this printer.
  • Made it print "Logo Not Supported On This Model" if you check the Logo box, and don't have T88II or T88V selected as the printer type.
  • Made debit card authorization screen show asterisks (***) for swipe data.
  • Added a SIM option for PCCharge integration for both credit and debit cards.
  • Added a Quiltropolis download by order number range.
  • Added a prompt to add serial number notes to a Sale when the serial number is selected from the list.
  • Added Part# to the Stock Turnover Report.
  • Made the POS Products screen remember its size.
  • Added a currency symbol option to Edit>Preferences.

Fixes in 10.09

  • Fixed an issue where if a machine sale with a trade-in was added to a tax exempt POS transaction, it credited them back for tax on the trade-in.
  • Fixed "Unable to focus a disabled or invisible window" error in importing from Key To The Web or Quiltropolis if you imported sales with new customers and weren't on the Customers tab.
  • Fixed the issue that if you deleted the same class or section number twice, the second one couldn't be undeleted.
  • Fixed ISC error that occurred if you did a refund to a store credit and put text into the notes containing an apostrophe.
  • Made a change to Message Box windows to prevent them from getting hidden.
  • Fixed a bug where cost would sometimes be wrong in repairs if qty=1 and the description had parentheses in it.
  • Fixed "Dataset not in edit or insert mode" error if you were in search mode and tried to use the "Select" button on Work Performed.
  • Changed the logo printing code from 32,32 to 48,48, to match the default used by the logo loader program.
  • Fixed an issue where if you “Export Mailing Labels for Found Set” and used a filename other than labels9.dbf, it didn't work.
  • Fixed the Inventory Summary Report so when using the "Both" option it shows the correct value if the same product is entered for the same vendor more than once.
  • Fixed the "floating point" error if you entered an unlisted item, answered Yes to add it to POS Products, and entered a fractional quantity in the New Product screen.
  • Fixed the issue with the log viewer where it didn't find any records on the end date (for only the day before and earlier).

Version 10.08

Fixes in 10.08

  • Added some extra logging (for support purposes) to look at the first parts of storing sale data.
  • Fixed an issue where the PCCharge XML path would not save on the Credit Card Setup screen.
  • Fixed remaining credit card PCI Compliance issues:
    - Full track data now displays masked on the screen.
    - Acct# now displays masked if card was swiped.
    - Debit card debugging log file (PCC.INP) now masks out Acct#, Track2 data, and CVV2 number.

Version 10.07

Fixes in 10.07

  • Improved error handling when storing a POS sale to the database:
    - It now gives a clearer error message.
    - It now cleans up the partially-stored sale.
    - It now logs the error to smrdbs.log.
  • Fixed some memory leaks.
  • Made the Debit Debug function log to a file instead of just to the screen.

Version 10.06

New Features in 10.06

  • Added a Quiltropolis download feature (Beta version).

Fixes in 10.06

  • Make an internal database management code change to fix an occasional "deadlock" error.
  • Added an option in Edit>Preferences to turn delayed load on/off. (Change this option if your reports are coming up blank.)
  • Added an option in the credit card setup screen to write a debug file when using TCP/IP mode.
  • Fixed an issue with the stock check-in report that caused it to print headers only, without items.
  • Replaced the "Floating Point" error that occurs when adding a serialized sale to POS with the discounted price filled in and the regular price blank or zero. Now, instructions on what to fix are displayed instead.
  • Fixed a problem where the program crashed if a repair with very long part descriptions was added to a POS ticket.
  • Fixed an issue where the PCCharge XML File Path wouldn't save in the setup screen.
  • Fixed an error message that occurred when you tried to edit a model and the same model existed for two or more makes.
  • Fixed the "PRODUCT_OUT_ONE_SPECIFIC_1 Already Exists" error that occurs when running TRS after upgrading from TRS8 (or earlier) to TRS10.

Version 10.05

New Features in 10.05

  • Added the "On Web" field to the Edit POS Products screen and complex search. (This field will be used with the ZenCart/OSCommerce ECommerce interface.)
  • Added an option to pad the PCCharge username with extra spaces (needed if PCCharge registration was generated with blank spaces at the end of the user name).
  • Barcodes now print smaller if printing on 1.25” x 1” labels and the barcode number has non-numeric characters.
  • More screen height is available for screens with higher resolution.
  • Made it so the POS Screen items list automatically resizes to fit the available screen area.

Fixes in 10.05

  • Added the "Save This Customer" prompt to the Customers screen when you are in Edit mode and double-click on a line in the history grid. Previously when you did this, the system would not allow you to save the customer record.
  • Added extra debug statements in the Debit Authorization screen.
  • Added better pin pad handling if the customer presses “Cancel” during the transaction.
  • Fixed a speed issue that occurred on certain systems when using the Export Mailing Labels for Found Set function.
  • Fixed the alignment of yellow bullets on the POS Options>Misc. Options Tab and the Edit Preferences screen.
  • Fixed the spelling of "Function" on the Preferences screen.
  • Fixed the blank screen problem in the HTML Editor that occurred after installing a Windows XP update.
  • Products marked as "Don't track inventory" will no longer display low stock warnings.
  • Fixed an issue where checkboxes on Quick Search screens didn't work correctly if you searched on certain multiple fields at the same time.
  • The 10.05 update installer updates the BackupSender to version 1.3. It fixes an issue with Backup / Data Sender that prevented it from backing up a database on a drive other than C.

Version 10.04

New Features in 10.04

  • Added a new Electronic Ordering format (Order Format 3) for Bernina/Brewer.
  • Added an option to the Gift Card Manager to show only depleted cards.
  • Added a new function where "Continuous Login" can apply to POS Sales and several other places where TRS prompts for clerk code (turn this feature on in POS>Options>Misc. Options ).
  • TRS now prints the Store ID on the receipt as part of the sale number (i.e. 1-4456 instead of just 4456).
  • The Store ID and sale number now print on both the customer copy and the store copy of credit card receipts.
  • Added the ability to print just a single receipt with a credit card draft attached where the credit card number is masked on the TM-U200 printer with multi-ply paper.
  • The List Selector screen (used for selecting inventory adjustment reasons) now starts out with the list having focus, so you can immediately use the arrow keys or press the first character of your selection to choose an item in the list without having to use the mouse or tabbing to the list.
  • Eliminated the "Change to Today's Date" prompt (for Repair Date Picked Up, Order Date, and Special Order Pickup Date) if the field is already set to the current date.
  • Overrung sales no longer show in a customer's history.
  • The "Who Has Bought This Item" and the "Has This Customer Bought This Item" no longer include overrung sales.
  • For POS Sales, when you “Require Clerk Login”, but do not “Select From List” (in POS Options>Misc. Options tab) TRS now verifies whether the manually entered Clerk ID is valid (from Security>Edit Employees/Clerks/Salespeople).
  • When printing a purchase order or sending an order electronically, TRS now warns you if there are any unlinked special orders for that vendor.
  • TRS now updates the barcode in logs, models, and FIFO Costs when changing a product's barcode in POS Products.
  • TRS Log searches are now sorted by entry date.
  • Added the ability to protect (via security code) the "Show Wholesale" button on the Orders screen.

Fixes in 10.04

  • Fixed the problem where using the "Return This Machine" button when the make or model had an apostrophe in it resulted in a “token unknown” error.
  • If you "merge two customers" and enter a non-existent customer# for the one to delete, TRS no longer attaches all anonymous POS sales to the customer you designated to keep.
  • When creating an Auto Order and answering "No" to "Only products for which this is the preferred vendor", it no longer occasionally puts the wrong vendor's part# for the item on the order.
  • When performing the "Import Inventory Count Update" and choosing "I scanned an entire department", the items not scanned are now adjusted to zero.
  • Fixed the problem where items whose description started with the word "Trade" (i.e. Trade Winds) would come up on Cash Accountability and Profit By Department reports as trade-ins by changing the trigger so it only counts it as a trade-in if the description starts with "Trade In".
  • Fixed a problem where linking approximately 13 (or more) special orders with EZ Order Link to a master order caused TRS to crash.
  • Fixed an issue with Gift Card Manager where it would no longer sort by clicking column headings.
  • Fixed the problem in Gift Card Manager, where if you used "Jump To a Gift Card", and you entered a card# that either didn't exist, or existed but was not currently visible on the screen, you got a "Column Unknown: BARCODE" error.
  • Fixed an issue where TRS allowed you to create a new charge account from the POS screen by choosing "Charge to Store Charge Account", and then selecting "Create New Charge Account", even if the employee wasn't allowed to create new charge accounts according to security permissions.
  • If the class information sheet is extremely long, TRS no longer crashes when doing an email class reminder.
  • Fixed a problem in Edit Vendor Products where if you used "Add/Edit in POS Products" and the product didn't exist and you added it with a decimal quantity (i.e. 5.5), an error saying "5.5 is not a valid integer value" displayed.
  • In Kit Creation, if you are creating a new kit item, and you cancel out of the New Product screen, it no longer removes the contents from inventory.
  • Fixed the problem when registering TRS online where entering an invalid registration key still said that registration was successful, even though it wasn't.
  • Fixed a Vista issue in parts of the software that use Windows Notepad (Email List for Found Set, Duplicate Customers log, and the Key To The Web log), where it would incorrectly notify you the file was not found.
  • Fixed an issue where creating a kit with an apostrophe in the product name generated the “Dynamic SQL Error, SQL Error Code -104 Token Unknown” error.
  • Fixed an issue when TRS performed serial number reconciliation with inventory adjustments where there were apostrophes in barcodes, serial numbers, and/or notes fields generated the “Dynamic SQL Error, SQL Error Code -104 Token Unknown” error.
  • Fixed a problem where the List Found Set report for Review POS Sales showed zero for Sale Discount, even if the sale did have a sale discount.
  • An error message no longer displays when you try to open "Manage Suspended Sales / Layaways" and there are none.
  • Fixed an issue when running under Vista Business with User Account Control Turned on and you used the Export feature in POS Products, TRS would give an Access Violation error.
  • Fixed issue where if you removed a customer from the class wait list, it did not place the clerk ID in the logs, whether the clerk was continuously logged in or not.
  • Fixed the problem where changes to the tabbing order would not save in the Screen Designer.
  • For multi-store users, adjusting another store's inventory level without changing Data Entry Store will no longer cause a FIFO Costs entry to be made for wrong store.
  • Fixed the problem for multi-store users where if you changed a product's barcode and answered "Yes" to the "update all stores" prompt, it did not change the barcode in FIFO Costs for other stores.
  • Fixed the problem for multi-store users where if you changed a product's barcode and answered "Yes" to the "update all stores" prompt, TRS added the product a 2nd time with a new barcode instead of changing the barcode of the original product for the other stores.
  • Removed the stray closing parentheses in "Enter New Quantity" prompt when adjusting inventory (cosmetic only).
  • Exporting mailing labels in Vista no longer results in the "Table does not exist c:\labels9.dbf” error.
  • Fixed an issue on the Repairs tab where if you deleted a Repair Part (via the "X" button) on the ticket with a quantity of 1, and the description had a parenthesis and a number in it, it would add the number in the description back to inventory instead of the correct quantity of 1.

Version 10.03

New Features in 10.03

  • May now specify the number of customers to process at one time when merging duplicate customer records.
  • The Price field in the Customer History window for serialized (machine) sales now displays the Discounted price of the machine, if there is an entry in that field.
  • When inventory items are added or edited in one store on a multi-store system, all stores will be updated.
  • The Item History Report may contain the item’s complete history or may be run for a selected range of dates.
  • Added the Inventory Adjustments Report.
  • When you run the Inventory Summary Report as of a previous date, it now runs as of the end of that day instead of the beginning.
  • You can now print gift card lists and transaction list from the Gift Card Manager.
  • For multi-store users, a warning now displays when you change the Data Entry Store.
  • For multi-store users, an entry is created in the history log when changing the Data Entry Store.
  • The Gift Card Manager now allows you to display all cards or only those with a positive balance.
  • Now required to type a special phrase before you can Delete Old POS Sales in Maintenance.

Fixes in 10.03

  • Merchant copy of credit card drafts no longer print the credit card number masked, when the option is unchecked in POS Options.
  • Fixed the problem where TRS prompted for a category when adding a Repair to a POS ticket on a station with Prompt for POS Category checkbox checked and the Always Use For This Station field filled in.
  • In default screen view, the “Label” button on the Customer screen is now positioned correctly when you show history.
  • When entering serial numbers from "Check In/Receive Stock" function on the Orders screen, the "Enter Notes" window now appears.
  • Fixed the "13.7 is not a valid integer value" error when you enter a value other than a whole number (such as 5.5) in the #Received field on Check In Order form and try to print a label.
  • Fixed the “Stream Write” error if you entered more than 2000 characters in a field on the Repair tab.
  • Fixed the problem of the incorrect sale printing when selecting “Print As Invoice” on the POS screen when using the multi-store Replicator.
  • When performing the Duplicate Customer Find/Merge function, it no longer finds records that have address filled in and address blank if First and Last Name match as a duplicate.
  • When editing a line item on a POS ticket, the department name now displays, as well as the department number.
  • Fixed the low stock warnings.
  • The “Class Sects Font Size" dialog box no longer displays when you click the “Jump to Class” button.
  • Fixed the problem where it would prompt for a security code when using continuous login and editing a lead.
  • Fixed the spelling of “Department” in the major department titles on the Profit by Department Report containing individual department details.

Version 10.02

New Features in 10.02

  • TRS now prints the receipt before storing the bulk of the sale data to the database, providing faster receipt printing.
  • Added the option to turn off historical inventory level logging.
  • Added an option to turn the Review POS auto-refresh feature on/off.  The option is turned off by default, since it may slow down some systems.
  • Improved cost linking between serialized inventory and POS/FIFO:
    - When selling a serialized item, the correct cost (of the specific serial#) will be taken out of FIFO Costs.
    - When changing a serial number on the Sales screen, the cost updates to reflect the new serial number selected.
    - When deleting a serial number from the serialized inventory of another store, the FIFO cost will be taken out of the correct store.
    - When deleting a serial number from serialized inventory, the correct cost (of the specific serial#) will be taken out of FIFO Costs.
    - When returning a serialized item, the correct cost (of the specific serial#) it put back into FIFO Costs.
    - When deleting a serialized sale, the cost and date will be transferred back into the serialized inventory record.
    - When transferring a serial number to another store, the POS inventory will be adjusted accordingly.

Fixes in 10.02

  • Added security to Quick Picks.
  • Fixed a problem where gift card balances disappeared in Gift Card Manager when you jump to one.
  • Fixed the "12.75 is not a valid integer value." error occurring on Copy Item to New Item in POS Inventory.
  • Fixed the problem where the “s” error occurs when ringing up an item in POS that has an apostrophe in the barcode field of Edit Lists>Models.
  • Fixed the problem where selling a gift card in an anonymous sale carries over the tender amount from the previous sale.
  • Fixed the Cash Accountability Report to include the “SS” (Gift Cards) line in the grand totals portion of the report.
  • Corrected an issue with debit cards where if the customer canceled the PIN number entry, the clerk was not notified and the pin pad could not be used until TRS was restarted.
  • The new message box no longer ignores line breaks.
  • Corrected the database restoration filename from data900.fdb to data1000.fdb.

Version 10.01

New Features in 10.01

  • The "Allow Non-Case-Sensitive Scanning" setting now affects the Kit Creation and Orders screens.
  • Added a "View" button next to "# On Order" display on the Edit POS Products screen that takes you to the Orders screen and brings up all open orders containing that item.
  • Added an "Item History Report" button on the Edit POS Products screen that generates a report listing every time the inventory has changed for that item.

Fixes in 10.01

  • Fixed the Customer Selector screen (the screen that lets you choose a customer when performing an EZ Customer Search) so it no longer shows CUSTKEY.  Also, it now displays the same fields (custid, first name, last name, and address) regardless of whether you do the search by last name or phone#, or from the customer screen or the POS screen.
  • The New Product screen now allows fractional inventory quantities.
  • You must now save a sale or repair record before using the “Take Deposit” button.
  • Fixed an issue where the columns of the sections grid on the Classes tab sometimes weren't wide enough to show the whole date.
  • Fixed the misaligned columns on the Tender By Day report.
  • Added security to the Screen Designer Edit Properties function.

Version 10.00

Initial Release

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