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How to create a store credit without collecting money

This article describes how to create a customer store credit account for promotions, prizes or other non-sale reasons.

Using this method you can optionally track the total store credit given for non-sale reasons. To do this, set up a department (in Edit Lists>Department Names) to use for this type of store credit (for example, Promotional Credits).

Add a new item in Inventory>Edit POS Products for this store credit like you would enter any other product. You can have the system generate a barcode for you or you can assign one, such as PROMO.

You can leave the re-order details (Preferred Vendor, Cost, Part # and Warning/Wanted Levels) blank.

Make sure to check Donít Track Inventory.

Uncheck the tax boxes, the accumulate boxes and the discountable box.

You can either leave the price at 0 or enter the credit amount as a negative number. If you leave the price 0 you will be prompted to enter it on a POS ticket. At that time enter the amount as a negative number, for example, -15.00 for a $15 credit. Also, if you are on version 10 of TRS, you can set this item up as a Quick Pick on the POS screen.

To give a customer a store credit, start a new POS ticket for that customer and enter the item created above. This ticket has a credit balance. Click the Process Refund button.

On the Refund Type screen select Store Credit / Charge Acct Credit.

Fill in the prompts as needed to set up the store credit.

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Date Created April 07, 2011
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