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How to Cancel a POS Layaway for a Serialized Item

This article describes how to take a serialized item (such as a sewing machine or vacuum) off layaway and refund any payments that have been made. The steps described in this article only apply to layaways for serialized sales set up by using the Put on Layaway button on the POS screen.

Note: If you want to cancel a layaway that was created by taking a deposit from the Sales screen, see the article titled, How to Cancel a Deposit/Layaway for a Serialized Sale.

- Click Layaway Pickup on the POS screen and select the appropriate one from the list.

- Answer yes to the Apply Payments Already Made prompt. The transactions are added to the POS ticket.

- Display the original sale record for this machine on the Sale tab. To do this, go to the Customers screen and search for the desired customer. Show the history screen and in the Sale section double-click on the appropriate record. The record displays on the Sales screen.

- Click the Return This Machine button.

- Answer yes to the prompts to delete the record and return the machine to inventory. The transaction will be added to the POS ticket. At this point, the ticket consists of the original sale and the return sale including any payments already made.

- Add the restocking fee item (if appropriate).

- Process the refund as usual.

The layaway account will be zeroed out, the sale will be removed from the serialized sales record and the inventory and serialized inventory list will be adjusted. Optionally, you could add a note on the layaway account screen explaining it had been canceled.

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Date Created February 10, 2011
Author Kelli Fichtner
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