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How to Charge a Sale to a Store Charge Account

This knowledge base article will explain how to charge a sale or part of a sale to a store charge account. Store charge accounts are used in a situation where you are giving the customer the merchandise today and they are paying you at a later date. You are extending credit to the customer.


1.  If this customer is going to be charging on a store charge account more then one time you may want to setup a credit limit and terms for them on the customer screen so you don't get prompted each time telling you that they don't have a store charge account and do you want to process anyways.  To set this up for the customer go to the Customer tab and find the customer.  Fill in the Credit Limit $ field and the Terms (Days) field.


2.  To charge a sale to a store charge account in TRS start the sale for the customer (you cannot use Anonymous Sale when charging to a store charge account) and put the items that they are purchasing on the Point of Sale ticket and total the sale.  If you want this sale to print in an invoice format then check the Print as Invoice check mark, otherwise it will print a receipt to your receipt printer when finished.


3.  Click on the Apply Layaway/Credit/Charge button.


4.  When TRS asks What would you like to do click on the Charge all/part to a Store Charge Account.


5.  On the next screen if the customer has an existing charge account it will be displayed, if you want to charge to that account click on it so it is highlighted and click on OK.  If the customer does not have a charge account or you want to make a new when select Create New Charge Account and click on OK.  If creating a new charge account TRS will automatically fill in the Date Started and then ask you for a Description of the charge account, Salesperson and Notes.  Only Description and Date Started are required.  Click on OK.


6.  Next TRS will show the amount to charge to the account.  It will automatically fill in the total amount, if charging an amount less then the total then change the amount to charge field.  All other fields will be filled in except Clerk.  Clerk is an optional field.  Once everything is filled in the way you want click on OK.  If the customer does not have the Credit Limit and Terms fields filled in on the Customer tab then the system will prompt you that the Customer is not Setup for Credit and are you sure you want to allow a store charge, click on Yes.


7.  If you charged the entire amount to a store charge account then the sale will finished and a receipt will printer or if you checked Print as Invoice then the Invoice will show and you can print it.  If you did not charge the entire amount to a store charge account then enter the rest of the Tender and then the sale will finish and a receipt will print or an invoice will display.


8.  When the customer sends or comes in to give you payment go to the customer tab and find the customer.  Show the customers history and then double click on the Account they are paying on.  When the account comes up click on the Enter Payment button and follow the prompts to except the payment.



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Date Created July 28, 2014
Author Robert Pirone
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