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Class Waiting List Report

This article provides a custom SQL query to run a list of customers (with phone numbers) on waiting lists for classes.

General Instructions to Run the SQL Query

  1. Copy the desired SQL query (highlight it and press Ctrl-C).
  2. In TRS, go to File>Custom Query Report. The Manual SQL Form displays.
  3. Paste the SQL command into the form (press Ctrl-V).
  4. Modify the variables (red text) in the query as desired.
  5. Click "Execute!" to run the query.
  6. The Field Selector screen displays. Select the fields for your report by clicking on the desired check boxes. Click "Ok" and the report will display.

Class Waiting List Report

This query results in a report of anyone on a class waiting list for classes starting on or after the date entered in the query.

select custfname, custlname, custphone1, custphone2, classname, b.sectionid from enrolls a join sections b on a.sectionskey = b.sectionskey join classes c on b.classeskey = c.classeskey join customer d on a.custkey = d.custkey where enrollwaiting = 'T' and sectionstartdate >= '6/1/2014' order by classname, sectionid

Change the date as required. The report will run for classes with start dates on or after the date entered. If you want a report for all classes that start on or after June 1, 2014, enter the date as 6/1/14.

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Date Created December 04, 2013
Author Robert Pirone
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