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Inventory Report with FIFO Cost

This article will show you how to run an inventory report for all your inventory with paid cost (fifo cost).

Please keep in mind when running this report that some items will be listed more than once, since some items will have been brought into inventory at different times. The report is sorted by Department and then by Barcode.

  1. In TRS, at the top, click on File and from the drop down click on Custom Query Report. Enter your security code if prompted.

  2. In the Manual SQL Form window copy and paste the following:

    select prodbarcode, proddesc, prodprice, proddept, prodinventory, prodsource, fifoqty, fifocost, fifodate from products a join fifocosts b on a.prodbarcode = b.fifobarcode where prodinventory > 0 order by proddept, prodbarcode

  3. Click on "Execute" to run the query.

  4. The Field Selector screen displays. Select the fields for your report by clicking on the desired check boxes or "Select All". Click "Ok" and the report will display.

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Date Created December 26, 2013
Author Robert Pirone
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