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How to Setup the JMM Emailer

This article will describe how to download, install and setup the JMM Emailer.

The JMM Emailer is intended to be used to send customers notifications for classes, repairs, easy service and rentals. Because of increased restrictions by email servers on bulk email being sent, we no longer recommend using it for bulk email or email marketing. We recommend using a service specifically designed for that purpose such as Constant Contact. You can do an internet search to find other providers of email marketing services. Here is a link to a knowledge base article that describes how to export customer information out of TRS and into Constant Contact:

Before installing the JMM Emailer you need to call you internet service provider (ISP) and/or email provider and ask them the following?

What is the SMTP Server (Outbound Email Server)?
What port number does the SMTP Server Use?
Do outbound emails require authentication?
If yes, then find out what the username and password is.
Does the SMTP server require Encryption?
If yes, is it SSL or TLS?
How many outgoing messages can I send per hour?
How many outgoing messages can I send per day?

If you have not already downloaded the JMM Emailer you will need to go to our web site at then click on Support and then click on the Customer Only Login area. The username is your Customer ID number and if the password has not been changed it will be the zip code of your store. If you receive a message that says password is not correct then use the following link for a knowledge base article that describes how to reset your password:

Next you need to install the emailer. Double click on the file that you downloaded from the JMM Web Site. On Windows 7 and Windows 8 systems the installer may not start. If this happens then right click on the file and from the drop down select Run As Administrator. If using TRS11 accept the default prompts. If you are using a version earlier then TRS11 then during the install there are two places where it will say TRS11, change those to the version your are using.

Once it is installed you need to run the emailer to enter the settings. Click on Start then point to All Programs then Point to Total Retail Solution 10 (or the version that you are using) then point to Email Suite and click on the JMM Emailer. You will get a message that says the settings need to be entered click on Yes to enter the settings.

In the SMTP box type in the information you obtained above from your ISP or email provider
Type in the name you want the email to come from
Type in the email address you want the email to come from
Type in the email address you want to use for testing purposes
Set Email Send Speed should be No Delay
Reconnect Every, type in 1
If your email provider said that they require authentication then click on My service DOES require authentication and type in the username and password.
If they said that the SMTP port number is 25 then your done click on OK.
You can try to send a test email now.

If they said that the SMTP port number was something other then 25 then click on Advanced Settings and where it says "Use this Port for outgoing Emails", type in the number they gave you.

If they said that the SMTP server requires Encryption then down near the bottom put a dot next to the type of encryption they said is required.

You can click on OK and then try to send a test email.

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