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 Knowledge Base Index : Error Messages
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  • Unable to Open Printer Port

    This article explains what to do if you receive the error, "Unable to Open Printer Port," when printing to the receipt or label printer.... [More]

  • Can't enter barcode or part# on Order screen

    After importing a screen layout or using screen designer, entering or scanning a barcode number or part number will no longer work to enter an item into an order.... [More]

  • "Unable to Save" Error message when trying to save a report

    This article will describe how to correct the issue when you get the error message "Unable to Save", while trying to save a report in TRS.... [More]

  • Error after changing Clerk Password

    This article will describe how to correct issues when receving error messages after changing a clerks password. You may receive one of the following error messages: Invalid Password Part (Only Numbers and Letters allowed). Incorrect Password. Invalid Security Code. Please Enter it in the format of ClerkID-Password.... [More]

  • Error "Password is not Correct" when logging into the Customer Only Login Area

    This article describes how to reset your password for the Customer Only Login area of the JMM Software web site.... [More]

  • "Transaction Amount Must Be Positive" Quickbooks Conduit error message

    "Transaction Amount Must Be Positive" error message occasionally appears in Quickbooks Conduit Version 10.00.... [More]

  • How to fix a corrupted datbase

    This article describes how to attempt to fix a corrupted database.... [More]

  • "Unavailable Database" error message

    "Unavailable Database" means that Firebird is not running.... [More]

  • "Class Not Registered" Error

    How to correct the "Class Not Registered" error message when running a report on Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8:... [More]