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"Unable to Save" Error message when trying to save a report

This article will describe how to correct the issue when you get the error message "Unable to Save", while trying to save a report in TRS.

TRS normally displays reports through its own internal web browser or HTML viewer. When you receive the "Unable to Save" error message TRS is having difficulties with its internal browser and your computer settings. The easiest thing to do is to tell TRS to use your Windows Default Web brower to view reports and from there you can save them or print them. To make this change do the following in TRS:

1. Click on Edit then click on Preferences, enter your security code if prompted.

2. In the Set Preferences window on the right hand side about half way down it says Use Windows Default Web Browser for HTMl Reports?, put a check in the box next to this setting.

3. Click on OK.

Now try to run and save your report it should display in your Windows Default web browser and you should be able to save from there.

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Date Created July 16, 2009
Author Robert Pirone
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