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 Knowledge Base Index : Serialized Sales/Inventory
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  • How to Sell A Serialized Item

    This article will explain how to sell a Serialized Item in TRS. This article assumes that Serialized Inventory has been added correctly to TRS, you can reference the following knowledge base article on how to add Serialized Inventory to TRS:

    Also, this knowledge base article is for how to sell a machine to a customer where you are not taking a deposit or putting the machine on Layaway. If you are going to sell aSerialized Item taking a deposit or putting the item on Layaway then please reference this knowledge base article:

    ... [More]

  • How to start a Repair for a Serialized Item you sold previously

    This article will explain how to start a repair for a serialized item that you sold previously in TRS.... [More]

  • How to Add Serialized Inventory

    This knowledge base article will describe how to add new Serialized Inventory into TRS.... [More]