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How to start a Repair for a Serialized Item you sold previously

This article will explain how to start a repair for a serialized item that you sold previously in TRS.

1. In TRS click on the Customer Tab.

2. Find the customer in your database using either E-Z Customer Search or Quick Search.

3. If the History Panel is not showing then click on Show History.

4. In the Sales section of the History Panel find the Machine that you want to start a repair for and double click on it. TRS will take you to the original sale of the Serialized Item

5. In the Sale window click on the button labeled "New Repair for This Machine"

6. TRS will take you to the Repair tab and automatically fill in the Customer Name, Make, Model and Serial Number of the Serialized Item.

7. Complete the repair screen as normal.

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Date Created May 15, 2014
Author Robert Pirone
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