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How to Add Serialized Inventory

This knowledge base article will describe how to add new Serialized Inventory into TRS.

In order for TRS to properly keep track of Serialized Inventory follow these steps (detailed instructions follow):

  • Add the item to your POS Products Inventory
  • Add the Makes/Models to Edit Lists>Makes and Edit Lists>Models
  • Add specific serial numbers into Serialized Inventory

Detailed Instructions

  1. In Inventory>POS Products add all of the serialized items just as you would any other item in your store, leaving the inventory on hand at zero. Make sure to use a separate department or departments for your serialized inventory.

  2. Print a list of all of the items you just entered (this will make entering the barcodes in the next step easier). In Inventory>POS Products click on "Quick Search" and enter or select the department for Serialized Inventory and click "Find". The found set (search results) display. In the lower left corner of the screen click "Inventory Report" then "Standard". Print the list that displays. If you have more than one department with serialized inventory repeat this step for each department number.

  3. In Edit Lists>Makes enter a Make for each type of Serialized Inventory you will be adding.

  4. In Edit Lists>Models enter a Model for each type of Serialized Inventory you will be adding (use the list printed in Step 2). You must enter the exact POS Product Item ID in the Barcode field for each Model. This is what links the Serialized Items to the items in your POS Products inventory.

  5. Add serial numbers on the Serialized Inventory tab - select the Make and Model from the drop-down lists for the serial number(s) you want to add. Click on the "Add New Serial #ís" button. In Version 10 (and later) the edit window displays where you can enter a list of the new serial numbers pressing "Enter" after each one. In Version 9 and earlier each serial number must be added individually.
Because these items have been linked via the barcode in the Models list editor:
  • When you enter serial numbers on the Serialized Inventory screen the amount of inventory on hand in Inventory>POS Products will be increased. Deleting a serial number will reduce the inventory on hand.
  • When you adjust the amount on hand in Inventory>POS Products an additional screen displays to either enter new or delete serial number(s) accordingly.

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