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How to Sell A Serialized Item

This article will explain how to sell a Serialized Item in TRS. This article assumes that Serialized Inventory has been added correctly to TRS, you can reference the following knowledge base article on how to add Serialized Inventory to TRS:

Also, this knowledge base article is for how to sell a machine to a customer where you are not taking a deposit or putting the machine on Layaway. If you are going to sell aSerialized Item taking a deposit or putting the item on Layaway then please reference this knowledge base article:

1.  In TRS click on the Customer Tab.

2.  If the customer is in your database find the customer. If the customer is not in the database then add the customer.

3.  In the section on the customer screen that says "For This Customer: Enter New:" click on Sale (not POS Sale).

4.  In the Make Field click the drop down and select the Make of the Serialized Item (Do not type in the Make, make sure to select it from the drop down.)

5.  In the Model Field click the drop down and select the Model of the Serialized Item. (Do not type in the Model, make sure to select it form the drop down.)

6.  The price should automatically get filled in. If you are going to sell the Serialized Item at a discount then type the discounted price into the Discounted Price field.

7.  Click on the Select From List button next to Serial # and select the serial number you are selling from the list.

8.  All other fields are optional, fill in any other fields that you wish to at this time.

9.  Once completed click on the check mark at the top to check in the record. TRS will prompt, "Add this sale to POS ticket?" Click on Yes.

10.  The Serialized Item will then be added to the Point of Sale ticket. If you are selling a second Serialized Item follow steps 1 through 9 again.

11.  If you want to sell any non-serialized items then scan them onto the Point of Sale ticket.

12.  Click on Total and complete the sale as normal.

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