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How to Cancel Classes Due to Low Enrollment

This article describes how to remove classes with low enrollment from the Reminders screen, as well as how to cancel classes.

To cancel classes due to low enrollment or remove them from the Reminders List:

Display the Reminders screen by clicking the Reminders button on the TRS Menu Bar. Reminders for Repairs, Leads, Classes, Accounts and Orders display.

Click the View button beside Classes to Cancel. The Sections screen displays. You can use the left and right arrow buttons on the navigation bar to scroll through the sections causing the reminder. You can also select Special Searches>Classes>Time to Cancel (low enrollment) from the TRS Menu to display those Sections.

The combination of the following fields determine whether a Section should be flagged for cancellation:
-Minimum Students
-Low Enrollment Cancel Date
-Enrollments List (# of students actually enrolled)
If the number of students enrolled has not reached the Minimum Students field by the Cancel Date, this class will be flagged as needing to be cancelled.

To keep the class from showing up on the Reminders screen, you can change the Minimum Students field (either blank the field or make it equal to the number of students enrolled) or change/blank the Low Enrollment Cancel Date.

To actually cancel a class, you must un-enroll all of the students on the Enrollments list. This ensures the accuracy of the Class Success report (selected from Reports>Classes>Class Success Report on the TRS Menu). If students are left on the Enrollments list, regardless of the Minimum Students field, TRS will assume the class was held with the students listed.

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Date Created January 01, 2010
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