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How to Refund Class Fees

This article will describe how to process a refund for class fees.

1. Find the Customer and the class s/he is enrolled in.

In TRS, click on the Customers tab and find the customer that you want to do a class refund for. Then, with the history displayed, find the class and double-click on it. TRS will display the section of the class where the customer is enrolled.

2. Un-enroll the customer.

Click on the "Un-Enroll Selected Student" button. TRS will ask you if you’re sure you want to un-enroll the student; make sure the name in the warning box matches the name you are un-enrolling and click on "Yes".

3. At the "Refund Class Fees?" prompt click "Yes".

4. TRS will take the class refund to a POS ticket and create a credit entry.

If no other items will be added to this ticket, click "Total" and go to Step 5. If the customer is purchasing anything at this time, scan the items to be purchased. When you have scanned everything they are purchasing, click on the "Total" button. If the Total that displays is in parentheses, this is the amount due the customer: go to step 5. If the Total is not in parentheses, this is the amount due to the store; finish the sale as usual. 5. Process the refund.

Click on the "Process Refund" button and choose from the options listed to issue the refund. Follow the prompts as necessary (such as setting up a store credit or scanning a gift card).

Revised 4-7-15

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