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Questions about POS Hardware sold by JMM Software, and also receipt and label printing issues.

 Knowledge Base Index : Hardware/Printing
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  • Troubleshooting Issues with the Standard Cutting Table Solution (old model)

    This article contains troubleshooting steps to help resolve issues with our older model of the Standard Cutting Table Solution (CTBS).... [More]

  • Cutting table solution with MT2070 Scanner not working in Bluetooth Mode

    ... [More]

  • Changing margins on HTML reports

    Can I change the margins when printing HTML reports from TRS?... [More]

  • How to install a Parallel/Serial Receipt Printer

    This article describes how to install a Serial/Paralell receipt printer in Windows and then TRS.... [More]

  • Labels are printing too far to the left or right

    This article describes how to move the printing to the left or the right on a Zebra LP2824 printer. Begin with Solution 1, and if that does not correct the issue, then continue with Solution 2.... [More]

  • Label Printer (Zebra LP2824) is printing garbage

    When I try to use my label printer with my computer or the one I have with the cutting table solution it prints garbage characters and commas and no barcodes... [More]

  • Defaulting and Calibrating the Zebra LP2824

    This article describes how to refresh the Zebra LP2824 label printer. This may help to resolve issues where the printer is not correctly printing.... [More]

  • Resetting a PREH Keyboard

    This article describes how to reset the special PREH keyboards sold by JMM Software. This procedure often corrects many common issues. These instructions work for both PS/2 and USB keyboards.... [More]

  • Price won't print on labels

    For certain products, the price won't print on the barcode label, even though I told it to print price and description.... [More]

  • How to change name/address on receipts

    You cannot do this yourself. Contact JMM Software.... [More]