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Cutting table solution with MT2070 Scanner not working in Bluetooth Mode

First make sure that you have a cutting table solution with an MT2070 scanner. The MT2070 scanner is black and gray with a color display screen and the cradle will have a blue light in the middle of it when plugged in as well as a barcode that reads pair on the scanner.

First make sure you have a green light on the printer, if not turn the printer off and then turn it back on, the light will be orange for about 15 - 30 seconds, once the light turns green continue.

Next reset the scanner, hold the trigger while at the same time holding the 2 key on the scanner, after about 5 seconds the scanner will start to reboot, wait until it goes to the main screen and then go though and answer the prompts until it gets to scan. Next you will need the Symbol MT2000 series Quick Start Guide that came with the scanner, it is blue, white and gray in color. If you can not find the quick start guide please contact technical support for the barcodes that you will need.

On one part of the Quick start guide there are a bunch of barcodes, first scan the Set Defaults barcode (make sure to cover up any other barcodes that are near it). You should hear a several tones from the scanner. Next scan the Standard RS-232 barcode, again you should hear several tones. If you look at the top right hand side of the screen on the scanner you should notice that it is unpaired, it will have a triangle and a fork looking symbol. Next scan the PAIR barcode on the bluetooth cradle, you should hear some more tones, it may take a few seconds to pair but once paired you should see the blue, bluetooth symbol in the upper right hand corner of the screen.

The next series of steps involves the printer. Put the scanner in the cradle for now. Next make sure that you have all the cables connected correctly. On the back of the printer you should have a power cable attached, next you should see a white or cream colored adapter about 1 inch long. Plugged into the adapter should be a gray cable, there should also me a power supply plugged into the back of the gray cable, make sure the power supply is plugged into a working electrical outlet. Next follow the gray cable it should be plugged into the bottom of the cradle, lastly you should have a power supply plugged into the bottom of the cradle.

Now with the printer light green, hold down the green button, the green light will flash once then after a moment will flash rapidly twice, then after a moment will flash rapidly three times, then after a moment will flash rapidly four times, once it has flashed four times let the green button go. The printer will start to calibrate and some labels will come out, some may have printing, wait for it to finish and the light to be solid green. Now press and hold the green button again, this time it should flash once, then after a moment flash two times rapidly, then after a moment flash three times rapidly, once the light flashes three times let it go. The light should start flashing red and green, once the light starts flashing red and green press the green button and let it go, the light should now be solid green. If the light does not start flashing red and green after letting it go from flashing three times, then try the sequence all over again starting with holding the button until it flashes four times and let it go.

Next try the cutting table solution, scan a barcode, put in a quantity and press the */tab key to send the information to the printer. It should now work.

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Date Created January 14, 2011
Author Robert Pirone
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