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  • Taking Inventory with the MT2070 Scanner

    The MT2070 scanner is the black colored inventory scanner. This article will provide a link to the documentation on how to take inventory with this scanner.... [More]

  • Print a report of search results from Edit Vendor Products

    If you have done a Complex Search in Edit Vendor Products and need to print out a report of the results, the below steps will get the job done.... [More]

  • How to Use a Laptop for Off-Site Sales

    This article will describe how to take a laptop to a remote show and then export your Point of Sale transactions from the laptops database and import them into your main TRS database. It is important to note that the only thing you can export out of TRS and import back in are Point of Sale transactions. You will not be able to add Customers, Serialized Sales, Sign people up for Classes, do Store Credits or Charges, Suspend Sales, etc. You can only start a POS transaction add the items to the transaction and then finish the sale with the Cash, Check, Charge, Debit or Misc Tender buttons. POS Transactions that you ring this way will be able to be exported and when you import them back into your main TRS database you will have the option of updating your inventory to reflect the items sold at the show.... [More]

  • How to do a Manual Inventory (Without an Inventory Scanner)

    This article describes how to do a physical inventory without an inventory scanner.... [More]

  • Taking Inventory with the P460 Scanner

    This article will describe some of the most common issues with using the P460 scanner to take inventory with TRS and how to do inventory with the scanner.... [More]