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How to Move Money from Drawers to Bank Account in QuickBooks

This article details how to move money from the Drawers Account to Bank Accounts in QuickBooks.

Open QuickBooks and access your company records. To transfer monies that TRS entered in the Drawers account, follow these steps:

  1. Select Lists->Chart of Accounts from the QuickBooks menu.

  2. Find the drawer account in the list of accounts. Double-click it to open it.

  3. Add an entry at the bottom of the account, as follows:

    For the "Payee", you can enter "Deposit", or just leave it blank.
    For "Account" enter/choose the checking account.
    In the "Decrease" column, enter the amount of money that you deposited.
    If you want, enter something in the Memo field (optional)

  4. Click "Record".

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Date Created January 31, 2015
Author Kelli Fichtner
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