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How to get a Report showing the Total of Orders send to Quickbooks

In order to get a report in Quick Books showing the total of all orders that were sent to Quickbooks using the Conduit do the following in Quickbooks.


  1. In the top menu bar left click on Lists and then from the drop down left click on Chart of Accounts.
  2. On the Chart of Accounts page find the Inventory Asset Account, if you have multiple Inventory Asset Accounts you want the top one that just says Inventory Asset Account with no Dept Number after it. Right click on it and from the pull down left click on Quick Report.
  3. In the Quick Report change the date range to the range you want to use.
  4. Next, In the upper left hand corner left click on Modify Report
  5. You will see several tabs left click on the filters tab.
  6. In the first filter column choose transaction type by left clicking on it.
  7. Then under the Transaction Type drop down left click on Bill.
  8. Click on OK and your report will be displayed.


Please Note: That this report shows a list of all journal entries with a transaction type of Bill, which is what the TRS Quickbooks Conduit uses when sending an order from TRS to Quickbooks.  If you have manually entered bills into the Inventory Asset Acccount then they will be included on this report.

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Date Created April 11, 2011
Author Robert Pirone
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