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Ringing up POS sales, etc.

 Knowledge Base Index : POS Procedures
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  • Does TRS have the ability for Integrated Chip card (EMV) processing

    ... [More]

  • How to Fix a “Flipped” Point of Sale Screen

    This article describes how to restore the Point of Sale screen to normal if it has "flipped" (the item list grid is on the bottom).... [More]

  • How to Create a Price Adjustment Refund

    This article details how to create a POS ticket to make a price adjustment and refund the difference when a customer has been overcharged.... [More]

  • How to Charge a different Tax rate at a show (TRS11 and higher Only)

    This knowledge base article will show you how you can charge a different tax rate at a show. This article only applies to TRS11 and higher because it uses the Custom Tax feature introduced in TRS11.... [More]

  • How to handle stores in Canada that no longer accept pennies

    ... [More]

  • Using Custom Tax to Categorize Tax Exempt Sales

    This article explains how you can improve sales tax reporting for tax exempt sales by using TRS's Custom Tax feature in TRS11 and later.... [More]

  • What do I do at the end of the day?

    This article describes the procedures to follow to end out your sales for the day.... [More]

  • How to Add Shipping Charges to a POS Ticket

    This article describes the easiest way to add shipping charges to a sale ticket. Using this method you can also track the total shipping charges added to your sales. ... [More]

  • How to Use POS Categories

    Do you have both a "brick and mortar" store and an online store? TRS can track your sales for both of them, separately and combined, with POS Categories. The categories are user-defined and, therefore, can be used to classify sales for any reason. When the POS Categories option is enabled, reports such as Cash Accountability and Profit by Department can be run by category or for all categories combined.... [More]

  • Creating and Using a Discount Coupon

    This article describes how to create and use a discount coupon for a fixed amount off of a sale ticket. Using this method you can also track the total amount of coupons redeemed. ... [More]