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How to Fix a “Flipped” Point of Sale Screen

This article describes how to restore the Point of Sale screen to normal if it has "flipped" (the item list grid is on the bottom).

  1. Make sure the Point of Sale screen is displayed.

  2. From the TRS menu, select Edit>Screen Designer>Edit Properties.

  3. Click the + sign next to "Point of Sale Top".

  4. Click on "POSScrollBox" and the values for it display to the right.

  5. Change the value of the "Vertical Position" box to 5000.

  6. Click "Apply". You should see the item list area move to the top.

  7. At the bottom of the screen click "OK".

  8. Answer "Yes" when prompted whether to permanently save the changes.

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Date Created January 05, 2015
Author Kelli Fichtner
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