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How to Create a Price Adjustment Refund

This article details how to create a POS ticket to make a price adjustment and refund the difference when a customer has been overcharged.

Note: Fixing this type of transaction does not require an overring of the original sale. A new refund transaction will be created to reflect the price adjustment.

Follow these steps:

  • Start a new sale for the customer.
  • For every item that needs to be adjusted (was overcharged on the original sale ticket):
    Click the "Return Next Item" button and enter or scan the barcode.
    Edit the Qty for that item if needed - remember it must be a negative amount to create a credit.
    Enter/scan the item to ring it up at the correct price (edit or discount as needed to get the correct price).
  • Continue returning and re-ringing until all of the items to be adjusted are on the ticket.
  • Click the "Total" button. TRS will display the credit amount due the customer (it will be in parentheses to denote credit).
  • Use the "Process Refund" button to finish the sale.
    If you choose to refund to a credit card and you have credit card integration in TRS, the Credit Card window will open and the credit amount will automatically be entered. You can then swipe the card and finish the transaction.

You will end up with two transactions - the original overcharged sale ticket and a refund transaction for the price adjustment to correct it.

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Date Created October 14, 2013
Author Robert Pirone
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