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 Knowledge Base Index : Installation
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  • Does TRS run under Windows 10

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  • How to Change out a TRS Server or TRS Client computer running TRS11

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  • How to run TRS on Multiple Computers

    This article will explain the overview of how to run TRS on multiple computers in your store.... [More]

  • Wired Networking for TRS

    This article explains why JMM recommends wired networking, not wireless, for TRS.... [More]

  • Installing TRS10 on a 64-bit Windows Operating System

    Please note that TRS10 and higher will install on a 64-bit Windows Operating System, earlier versions of TRS will not.... [More]

  • Will Windows 7 work with TRS?

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  • How to Setup a Practice Database

    This article will describe how to setup a database that you can use for staff training or to practice.... [More]

  • How to upgrade TRS to the latest version for your release

    This article describes how to download the updates from our website and install them.... [More]

  • How to swap out the TRS Server for a new computer

    This article will describe the steps to follow when you are replacing the Server computer for TRS.... [More]