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How to run TRS on Multiple Computers

This article will explain the overview of how to run TRS on multiple computers in your store.

If you are installing TRS to run over a network. One computer will be the “server” which holds the data, and the others will be the “clients” which access the data over the network.


JMM recommends that all computers running TRS be wired to your network. See the following knowledge base article for an explanation of this recommendation:


Once all of the computers that you want to run TRS are on a network then you will install one as the Server following the “Installing software on a SERVER for a Networked installation” instructions in the Installation guide that came with the software. If you do not have or cannot find the Installation guide you can download it from the following link:


If you already installed a computer as a stand alone computer and want to use it as the server then you can do so without any further installation.


Next you will install each of the other computers which will be the client computers. These will access and write information to the TRS database on the server through your network. Follow the “Installing on a CLIENT for a networked installation” in the Installation guide that came with the software or downloaded from the link above.

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Date Created October 18, 2011
Author Robert Pirone
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