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Wired Networking for TRS

This article explains why JMM recommends wired networking, not wireless, for TRS.

When running multiple computers with TRS, JMM recommends all computers be wired to your network and not wireless. While wireless connections to your network are convenient and fine for surfing the web, they don't work well with database applications like TRS. When running TRS on multiple computers one computer will house the database (referred to as the Server Computer) while the other computers on your network (referred to as Client Computers) will read and write data to the database over your network. The issue with wireless connections is that the signal runs through the air.

Many environmental factors like cordless phones, other wireless routers, walls and various other things can interfere with these signals. It is not uncommon for a computer that is connected wirelessly to your network to drop its signal from the network for a brief moment and then reconnect. When this happens with a database application like TRS it breaks the connection to the database. The next time you try to do something on the client computer that has broken the connection, even just briefly, you will get an error message that says the connection to the server has been forcibly terminated.

This will not hurt TRS or the database but you will have to exit TRS and then start it again. It can get annoying if this happens frequently. For these reasons JMM Software recommends that all computers be wired to your router.

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Date Created October 11, 2011
Author Kelli Fichtner
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