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How to Setup a Practice Database

This article will describe how to setup a database that you can use for staff training or to practice.

TRS has the ability when it starts to provide a list of several databases that you can connect to and use. Therefore if you take a copy of your current database, you can tell TRS to ask you each time it starts whether you would like to use the Main database or the Practice database. The following steps assume that TRS has been installed in its default directory with its default names and settings.

1. Make sure to Exit TRS on any computers that it may currently be running on.

2. On the computer that is the server for TRS (the one were the database is stored). Make a copy of the current TRS database. Click on Start then click on My Computer. Double Click on the C: drive, double click on the Program Files folder, double click on the current TRS version folder (i.e. TRS11 for instance). Next double click on the Data folder. Right click on your TRS database, it will be the file with a .dbf after it, if using TRS11 it will be Data1100.dbf, from the pull down menu left click on Copy.

3. Next Paste the copy into the data folder and rename the file. From the menu at the top of the window click on Edit then click on Paste. You should receive a file that is a copy of the data file, it will be name something like Copy of Data1100.fdb. Right click on the copy and from the pull down menu choose Rename. Rename the file to Practice.fdb.

4. Close any open Windows.

5. Now we are going to create a connection for TRS to the new practice database. This can be done from any of the computers that TRS is running on. Click on Start then point Program, then point to the Total Retail Solution folder then click on Database Administrator.

6. The normal connection for TRS is normally named Main, look at the line that starts with Main and write down with the Server is for Main, you will need this in the next step.

7. Click on Add New Database Connection. For the Alias name type in Practice. For the server type in what your wrote down from the previous step. Where it says Path to Data File, change the end of the line where it says data1100.fdb to practice.fdb the line should look like this: C:\Program Files (x86)\TRS11\data\practice.fdb, in the database type put a dot next to practice and then click OK.

8. Next click on Save and Exit, it is important to click on Save and Exit and not click on the red X in the upper right hand corner of the window or else the changes will not be saved.

9. Run TRS, you will notice when you start you receive a selection of databases, if you want to run in the practice database click on that line and click on OK, then proceed as normal. As a suggestion it is a good idea to change the first customers First and Last name in the database to PRACTICE DATABASE. That way if you walk away and want to know if you are in the practice database or not you can go to the first customer and find out.

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Date Created July 15, 2009
Author Robert Pirone
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