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How to swap out the TRS Server for a new computer

This article will describe the steps to follow when you are replacing the Server computer for TRS.

All of the clients that run TRS will need to be exited out of TRS before beginning.

1. Make sure that TRS is not running on any computers.

2. Make a backup copy of the data1000.fdb (V9 data900.fdb, V6,V7,V8 data600.fdb) The dataxxxx.fdb file is normally located in C:\Program Files\TRSX\Data directory (Where X is the number of the version you have). Copy this file to a memory stick or CD. This file is the database which holds all of your customers, sales, inventory etc.

3. Make a backup copy of the smrdbs2.ini file. This file is located in C:\Windows. Copy this file to a memory stick or CD. This file holds many settings for TRS.

4. At this point you can disconnect the server from the network unless you need to save any other files for any other programs you may have on the computer.

5. Connect the new computer and connect it to your network. Install TRS following the Server Installation Instructions. If you do not have the Install Instructions they can be found in the documentation area of our web site. Here is the link:

6. After installing TRS, copy the dataxxxx.fdb file back to the C:\Program Files\TRSX\Data directory. Then copy the smrdbs.ini file back to the C:\Windows directory. You will have to overwrite the files that are there.

7. Next you need to set the server up so that it has the same name or IP Address as the old server did. To see which one you need to do go to one of the current clients and click on Start -> All Programs -> Total Retail Solution X -> Data Base Administrator (Where X is the version of TRS you are running. When the Database Administrator starts look under the Server column to see what it says. If it has a name like POSServer then go to step 8a below if it has a number like then go to step 8b below.

8a. Since the clients on your network are accessing the computer by its name over the network you will need to change the new servers computer name to match the old one. Right click on the My Computer icon, then left click on Properties. Click on the Computer Name tab and then click on Change. In the Computer Name box type the name of the computer that you got in step 7. Then click on OK and then OK once more, Windows should ask you to reboot the computer. Once the computer is back up TRS should work on the server and the clients.

8b. The clients on your network are accessing the computer by IP Address. You will need to set up the new computer with a Static IP address that matches the one the clients have in the Server Name of Database Administrator. If you do not know how to do this then you will need to get a person who understands networking to help set this up. If you have any questions about what a Static IP address is and why it needs to be setup please contact our support department.

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Date Created May 15, 2009
Author Robert Pirone
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