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  • How to Create a List of Inactive Customers

    This article describes how to create a report containing customers who have had no activity in TRS since a particular date.... [More]

  • Changing font size for HTML reports

    This article describes how to change the size of the font on HTML reports in TRS.... [More]

  • Exporting email addresses from TRS

    This article explains how to export email addresses from TRS for use with 3rd party bulk email software or an emailing service.... [More]

  • How to save orders for the Bernina/Brewer B2B Website

    This article will describe how to save an order in the correct format to upload to the Bernina/Brewer B2B website... [More]

  • How to export Customer Information into Excel

    This article will describe how you can export customer information from TRS and bring it into Excel.... [More]

  • Blank Reports, Invoices and Purchase Orders

    Reports, invoices and purchase orders do not display - they are blank.... [More]

  • How to find customers in a Zip Code range for a mailing

    This article will describe how to find customers by zip code range.... [More]

  • How to get a report of items purchased for a single customer

    This article will describe how to generate a report for a single customer of all items purchased during a given time period.... [More]

  • Cash Accountibilty Part 2 doesn't "add up" correctly

    Here is what to do if you run the Cash Accountability report, and in the "Sales Totals and Sales Tax Liability" section, the taxable and nontaxable sales don't add up to the Total column.... [More]

  • Printing mailing labels sorted by zip code

    How to print mailing labels, sorted by zip code.... [More]