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Changing font size for HTML reports

This article describes how to change the size of the font on HTML reports in TRS.

If the font size of the text on your HTML reports in TRS is too large or too small, you can change it in Internet Explorer. Since the TRS HTML report viewer uses part of Internet Explorer, changing the font size there affects TRS's HTML reports as well. Here is how to change it:

1) Open Internet Explorer
2) From the menu, select View-Text Size or Page-Text Size (depending on the version of Internet Explorer that you are using).
3) Once you click on Text Size, the different sizes will come up, from "Largest" to "Smallest". You may choose a larger or smaller size as desired.
4) Try printing a report from TRS again, and readjust as needed.

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Date Created April 19, 2010
Author Joe Martinez
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