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Exporting email addresses from TRS

This article explains how to export email addresses from TRS for use with 3rd party bulk email software or an emailing service.

1a) If you want to send to your entire mailing list: Go to the Customer tab. Click Quick Search. Don't enter any search conditions; just click "Find".


1b) Alternately, if you only want to export email addresses for SOME of your customers, you can do either a Quick Search or Complex Search from the Customers tab, or another tab, such as Sales, Repairs, Leads, etc.

2) When it tells you how many customers, etc. it found, click "Ok". Click File->Email List for Found Set.

3) When prompted, select the location where you would like to save the exported email list.

4) On the next screen, select the format in which you would like to export the email list. In most cases, you should select "One-Per-Line", as this is generally the format that bulk emailing software and email companies need. The other option (comma-separated) would generally only be used if you were going to paste it into a "BCC" field in a regular email program, such as Outlook.

5) The data will now be exported into the file that you selected in step 3.

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Date Created January 25, 2010
Author Joe Martinez
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