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How to Use a Laptop for Off-Site Sales

This article will describe how to take a laptop to a remote show and then export your Point of Sale transactions from the laptops database and import them into your main TRS database. It is important to note that the only thing you can export out of TRS and import back in are Point of Sale transactions. You will not be able to add Customers, Serialized Sales, Sign people up for Classes, do Store Credits or Charges, Suspend Sales, etc. You can only start a POS transaction add the items to the transaction and then finish the sale with the Cash, Check, Charge, Debit or Misc Tender buttons. POS Transactions that you ring this way will be able to be exported and when you import them back into your main TRS database you will have the option of updating your inventory to reflect the items sold at the show.

How to Use a Laptop for Off-Site Sales

It is highly recommended that you test any hardware such as receipt printers, barcode scanners, etc. that you are going to take to the show with you, on the laptop you are taking a few days prior to the show.

The first think you need to do is install TRS in the laptop, if doing a first time installation then you will need to follow the stand alone install instructions. If you have previously installed TRS on the laptop following the stand alone or server instructions then that is sufficient. If you previously installed TRS on the laptop using the client instructions then you will need to uninstall Firebird from the Add/Remove Program icon in Control Program then reinstall it from the TRS install CD, when reinstalling take all of the defaults.

Once TRS is installed correctly and you have made sure that your hardware is working then you need to copy the database from your main TRS server computer to the laptop. It is recommended that you do this the day before you go to the show. If you do it the day of the show you will have a hard time separating the store sales from the show sales when you go to export them. Make sure you have entered any new products you are going to take with you to the show before copying the database from your TRS server to the laptop.

Next copy the database from the main TRS server to the laptop. The easiest way to do this is to directly copy the database from the TRS server to a memory stick. To do this make sure that TRS is not running on the server and not running on any clients. Insert your memory stick into the computer. On the TRS server go to the directory where the TRS database resides. By default this will be C:\Program Files\TRSx\data where x is the version of TRS that you have. Right click on the database file (for TRS10 it will be data1000.fdb, for TRS 9 it will be data900.fdb and for TRS6 – 8 it will be data600.fdb) from the drop down point to Sent To and then from the list choose your removable memory stick.

Next safely remove the memory stick and plug it into the laptop. Make sure you don’t have a database on the laptop that you need to save for some reason, the following will right over whatever database is there. Then open the memory stick and copy the database file, then go into the C:\Program Files\TRSx\Data folder (again where x is the version number of TRS that you have) and paste the database file into this directory. After the copy is complete open TRS and check and make sure that it is working and has your data in it. (If the laptop is used in the store as a client make sure in Database Administrator that TRS is pointing to the database on the laptop and not the database on the TRS server. To do this click on Start, then point to Programs then point to TRSx and then click on Database Administrator. Under server it should be blank or say localhost, if it does not then edit the selected connection, write down what it says in Server so you can but it back when you get back from the show and then for Windows XP make it blank and for Windows Vista type in localhost, click on Ok then Save and Exit.)

NOTE: The database MUST be copied from the server. (If you attempt to copy it from a client computer, the database will be blank.)

Exporting Sales from TRS

When you get back from the show you will need to export your sales from the laptop. Begin the export process by finding the desired sales in TRS. To do this, go to the Review POS tab and perform a quick or complex search (typically by date). When the appropriate records have been found, click the “Export Found Set” button. TRS will prompt you to save the files. Select the destination drive or directory (a USB flash drive is easiest). Two files will be saved: POSSALES.DBF (contains the POS Sale header information) and LINEITEMS.DBF (contains the individual line items).

Importing the Exported Sales Files Back into TRS

Please make sure to make a backup copy of your main stores database before you import your remote sales back into it in case you make a mistake.

To import the sales back into your main database, take the disk (USB flash drive) with the exported files to your store’s server. Select POS>Import Sales>From TRS Export from the TRS menu. You will be prompted to enter the location of the files created during the export and then whether to update the inventory totals to reflect the products sold. The sales will then be imported and the inventory updated (if you entered “yes” to the update prompt).

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