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Print a report of search results from Edit Vendor Products

If you have done a Complex Search in Edit Vendor Products and need to print out a report of the results, the below steps will get the job done.

1) Do your search using Complex Search / Search Assistant (Quick Search won't work for this).

2) Once you have verified that the results are what you want, click "Complex Search" again, and COPY all of the text in the lower box (the part beginning with "where"). You can do this by highlighting all of the text and pressing Ctrl-C on your keyboard.

3) Select File->Custom Query Report from the TRS menu.

4) When you get to the big empty white box, type the following line:

select * from vendorproducts

Then, on the next line (Press Enter to go to the next line), paste in the text that you copied in Step 2, by pressing Ctrl-V on your keyboard.

You should now have something that looks like:

select * from vendorproducts

5) Click "Execute".

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Date Created August 03, 2010
Author Joe Martinez
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